Bursaries to attend IATIS Conference

IATIS is offering up to three bursaries to IATIS members from Bands 3 and 4 countries to attend the IATIS 2018 International Conference in Hong Kong, 3-6 July. The bursaries will cover registration fees, flights and accommodation for selected participants attending https://www.iatis.org/index.php/membership/membership-bands-and-fees

Only scholars from Bands 3 and 4 countries whose conference paper abstracts (within or outside a thematic panel) have successfully passed the selection process will be entitled to apply for a bursary. IATIS membership must also be active at the time of applying.

Applicants must apply in writing to jmilton@usp.br by 20 January 2018, and results will be announced by 3 February 2018. Please send a cover letter together with 1) the accepted abstract, 2) evidence of the abstract’s acceptance, 3) a brief bionote, 4) your institutional affiliation and address, 5) an up-to-date CV and a 6) statement of no more than 250 words describing how attending the conference will benefit your academic career and your institution.

Applications will be assessed by a sub-committee of the Executive Council, who will be looking for high quality applications from scholars in genuine need of financial assistance who will benefit significantly from attending the conference. Results will be communicated directly to all applicants and announced on the IATIS website.