Extended deadline for ATSA abstract submissions: 25 February 2023

Conference dates: 20-24 June 2023


In today’s globalised world, multiculturalism and multilingualism are prevalent in every society. Hence, there is need for effective and efficient communication between peoples from diverse cultures who speak different languages and resort to different means to express their cultures, beliefs and worldviews. Given the prevailing, one would be tempted to advocate for a universal language, but this would likely lead to a loss of the rich culture and heritage that people express through their respective native languages. Hence, translation, interpretation, and intercultural mediation have become major stakeholders for critical social harmony and peace in the world in general, and in Africa in particular. In fact, a growing recognition that language professions are more than just tools for the effective communication of words has led to the realisation that translation, interpreting, and intercultural mediation are not only vectors for the transmission of knowledge, but also agents for the protection of cultural heritage, as well as essential tools for the development of the world economy.

Therefore, as a means of articulating an advanced awareness of how linguistic and cultural diversity impinges on communication and create social tension, the organisers of the ATSA 2023 conference are calling for papers from researchers and scholars in the relevant language fields, on topics that will broaden the debate around contemporary issues in translation, interpretation and intercultural mediation. With a view to obtaining the above, they seek to get a deeper understanding of topics about issues that may include, but are not limited to, the following:

Ethical issues in translation/interpretation/intercultural mediation;
Community translation/interpretation pedagogy and training;
Translation/interpretation/intercultural mediation in conflict situations;
The politics of gender in translation/interpretation/intercultural mediation;
Perspectives on feminist discourse in translation/interpretation/intercultural mediation;
Challenges and prospects of translation/interpretation/intercultural mediation in Africa;
Transborder languages and intercultural mediation;
Cross-cultural perspectives on translation/interpretation/intercultural mediation;
Gender, power and subversion in translation/interpretation/intercultural mediation;
Current theoretical orientations in translation/interpretation/intercultural mediation;
Issues, debates and perspectives on bible translation into African languages;
Translating/interpreting from and into African languages;
Translator/interpreter training;
History and theory of translation/interpretation;
Translation/interpretation practice;
Translation/interpretation market needs;
The sociology of translation/interpretation;
Computer-aided translation/interpretation;
Audio visual translation;
Terminology and translation/interpretation/intercultural mediation;
Discourse analysis and translation/interpretation/intercultural mediation;
Professional associations of translators/interpreters in Africa;
Translation archives;
Translation and transcreation;
Creativity and literary translation;
Audiovisual translation training and practice in the 2lstcentury;
Artificial Intelligence for audiovisual translation/interpretation.
The organisers would be pleased to receive abstracts of studies that may be either conceptual or empirical or a blend of the two for the ATSA 2023 Conference.


The conference shall have a hybrid format, according to attendees’ preferences. In addition to the face-to-face mode, it shall be designed as follows:

Virtual hosting on the Zoom platform as well as live streaming on social media platforms. Access details will be provided to virtual participants when the time comes;
Participants may also choose to present live or to submit pre-recorded presentations.
All presentations will be recorded with the presenters’ approval;
Recorded presentations will be made available on an online repository after the conference;
Conference proceedings will end in a book publication. Potential contributors should, however, note that the publication will come at a cost for those who wish that their articles feature in the book;
All presentations will be done in the mornings and afternoons (Cameroon time) during the week of 20-24 June 2023.

Submission of Abstracts

Abstracts of approximately 300 words, which should include complete information about the author(s), contact details, institution of origin and keywords, should be sent by email to Dr Gandu Sebastien of the ATSA 2023 Scientific Committee at the address atsaconferenceO@gmail.com.

For more details, get in touch with Dr Gandu on WhatsApp or direct calls (+237 6 77513631)


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