We would like to invite scholars, students and practitioners who want to associate themselves with translation studies in Africa to join ATSA. We conceptualise translation studies as wide as possible, including interpreting, intercultural communication, intersemiotic translation, multimodal communication, sociologies of translation and all other forms of rewriting and recreation.

If you are interested in becoming a member of ATSA, please complete this form.

Benefits to fully paid-up members:

  • A benefit aimed at Translation Studies scholars is the chance to advertise, by means of a 250-350 word abstract, an academic publication of your choice (book, journal article or PhD dissertation) on the ATSA website for one month. If you would like to make use of this benefit, please send an e-mail to Dr. Marlie van Rooyen (vanRooyenM1@ufs.ac.za).

Membership fees for 2023

The latest information about membership options will be uploaded soon.

In the meantime, please email Kobus Marais for more information (jmarais@ufs.ac.za).


One thought on “Joining ATSA

  1. Good morning.
    My name is Adeyola Opaluwah.
    I am a Nigerian and a PhD applicant in Translation Studies.
    I would like to join ATSA and just want to confirm if I can go ahead and pay the membership fee of $5 to the account furnished here in this site before filling out the form?
    Thank you in anticipation of your response.



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