EST22 Oslo Congress

Deadline for submission of proposals & posters: 15 October 2021

The following panels will structure the 10th Congress:

1 Crisis Translation (1)

2 Crisis Translation (2): Ethical Issues and Training Challenges

3 Public Service Interpreting and Translation (PSIT) in the times of a pandemic: the past, the present and the future

4 Translation policies and practices in multilingual settings: concepts, methodologies, and case studies

5 Migration and translation at a crossroad

6 Revisiting trust in high-stakes intercultural mediation: Theoretical and methodological concerns

7 Revisiting Descriptive Translation Studies

8 Additional Language Teaching in Translation and Interpreting programmes – examining the specificity perspective

9 Navigating uncharted waters: towards reframing translator education

10 Psycho-affectivity in translator and interpreter education

11 Advancing Translation Studies through Language Industry Studies

12 Dialogue Interpreter Training Outside the University Context

13 Accessibility in Context: Inclusiveness in Specialised Translation and Interpreting

14 Extending translatoriality beyond professional contexts

15 Non-professional interpreting and translation: advancement and subversion

16 Interdisciplinarity and interaction: moving forward with journalistic translation research in the 21st Century

17 Interlingual and intralingual translation in science news flows

18 Commonalities of and differences between interpreting strands

19 Sign Language Interpreting: Research and Global Practices. Bridging Gaps and Linking Worlds

20 Video Remote Interpreting in Healthcare

21 The virtual shift in conference interpreting practice and research

22 Interpreting in Religious Contexts at the Intersection of Disciplines

23 Advancing Translation Process Research

24 Advancing TS through think-aloud: Showcasing a challenging but unique method

25 The Reality of Revision

26 Keylogging typing flows in mediated communication

27 Past, present and future of speech technologies in translation — life beyond the keyboard

28 Advancing Translation Studies by understanding the Labour in Translaboration

29 Advancing Translation Studies through task-comparative and hybrid task research into multilectal communication

30 Translation and Tourism: Encounters through space and language

31 Is Machine Translation Translation?

32 Advancing Translation Studies: integrating research on the translational construction of the social world

33 The Self-Translation of Knowledge: Scholarship in Migration

34 Re-thinking Translation History: Genealogies, Geo-politics, and Counterhegemonic Approaches

35 Crossing minorities in translation history: peripheries, gender and less translated languages

36 Literary Translation and Soft Power in the Longue Durée

37 Translation and transcultural circulation of memory narratives

38 Advancing intradisciplinary research on indirect translation

39 Advancing Intralingual Translation

40 No Kidding – Translating, Transcreating and Transmediating for Children

41 Being a literary translator in the digital age: Agency, identity and ethics

42 New Perspectives on Ibsen in Translation

43 Song Translation Studies

44 Popular music and cultural transfer

45 A Global Perspective on Translation Flows

46 Exploring translation policy in translation publishing

47 Between Tradition and Advancement: How Can Translational Hermeneutics Contribute to Contemporary Translation Studies?

48 The #namethetranslator Campaign in Perspective

49 What cognition does for interpreting – what interpreting does for cognition?

For more information on each panel, please visit:


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